Thursday, May 2, 2013

Green Buildings

Green Building

Most construction material decisions are based on factors like cost, durability, maintenance, and structural integrity. As sustainable building practices become more and more important in society, it would be nice to see companies considering the environment when making these choices. If I were in charge of an innovative and forward-thinking company, making sure my buildings were as green as possible would definitely be a priority.

Green buildings are easier than ever. Starting with a steel frame is the first step. Steel is 100% recyclable, and 64% of the steel products we see today are recycled, which is a really high percentage. Steel framing in particular must contain at least 25% recycled materials, but often contains much more. Using steel products like these helps to limit landfill space and preserve our natural resources.

I would also want to invest in solar energy for a green building. Along with solar panels, designing lighting and water systems that use minimal energy would be a priority. If my business still wasn’t very energy efficient, I would want to purchase carbon offsets to try to make my company carbon neutral, like Microsoft and other companies are doing right now.

Environmentally friendly initiatives are the right thing to do, and I think businesses can play a big part in making the world a better place. I can’t really build my own green building, but I can choose products from companies that do!